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Strengthening the Region’s LGBTQ+ and HIV/AIDS-impacted Communities


Focus, Partner, Achieve: An AIDS-Free Generation

“While World AIDS Day serves as a reminder of the global issues surrounding HIV and AIDS, it also serves to remind us about the challenges we face right here in Western Pennsylvania”, says PERSAD CENTER Executive Director Betty Hill. “At PERSAD, we’ve expanded our free HIV testing hours and we continue to focus on providing the emotional support and counseling that people living with HIV often need.

Free HIV Testing Hours Expanded to Thursdays

Free HIV testing at PERSAD does not involve the use of needles. The OraQuick rapid test is a gentle oral swab, and allows individuals to visit our Pittsburgh office at 5150 Penn Avenue, without an appointment, and receive their results in 1/2 hour. While getting an HIV test and learning your results can be stressful, pre- and post-test counseling helps clients face the future regardless of results. PERSAD is here to help.

Responding to HIV/AIDS with Compassion

Allen Brown is PERSAD’S testing and prevention specialist. He is dedicated to raising awareness about risky sexual behaviors, and helping people understand how substance abuse can impair good judgment. “I want to help people recognize all of the things they can do to protect themselves, especially young people. If I can help someone set small personal goals that will guide their behavior and keep them safe, they can quickly learn how to build on that success”, says Brown.


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