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Strengthening the Region’s LGBTQ+ and HIV/AIDS-impacted Communities

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Happy Veteran’s Day

Posted November 12th, 2010

Whether you believe in war or not, we can all agree that military service is a tough job and a unique sacrifice. The military is one of the many places that the inequities faced by LGBTQ people make a difficult situation even more challenging. Imagine facing separation from loved ones and enduring the physical and emotional tolls of war- all while keeping a secret about who you are and the relationship between you and those that love and support you. “Don’t Ask / Don’t Tell” seems like a simple sacrifice where we all just agree to ignore the realities to avoid any controversy, until we think about the details of having to lie in order not to tell, or partner healthcare benefits, or death and survivor benefits, or who gets informed if a soldier is hurt or injured, or who sends you off on the plane or waits to kiss you when you return.

Persad Begins Street Outreach to Runaway and Homeless Youth

Posted October 6th, 2010

Exciting News!! Persad has been awarded a 3-year grant from the Administration of Children and Families to provide street level outreach to runaway and homeless youth. LGBT youth are overrepresented among runaway and homeless youth. National statistics of runaway youth document that 25-30% of all runaway and homeless youth are LGBT.