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Strengthening the Region’s LGBTQ+ and HIV/AIDS-impacted Communities

Youth Programs

PERSAD CENTER is committed to assisting LGBTQ youth in becoming healthy and happy adults. We believe that when supported by affirming adults, LGBTQ youth identify their gender and sexual orientation, form their identities, and are able to make positive choices for themselves. We recognize, however, that discrimination often exists within schools, faith communities, and families, which can present barriers to youth finding their identity, and can produce stress and tensions that are hard to manage.

PERSAD Center provides services to prevent and respond to the negative outcomes that can occur when affirming support is not present. We also work with families and other allies to help them provide support for these youth. 

Our Youth Program services include:


Safe Spaces – Suicide Prevention

PERSAD'S Safe Spaces program engages youth in creating their own outreach projects to help reduce the incidence of suicide and depression among their peers. 

An educational outreach effort to reduce teen suicides, the program teaches leadership and intervention skills, and helps youth to become aware of the signs of suicide and what to do when they see them. The program also works to identify safe spaces in the community for LGBTQ youth by providing training and support to agencies and groups that want to be safe space for youth.  


The Drop is a place for young adults, 14-21, to hang out and meet other queer youth like themselves, do an art project, learn new coping skills, read a book, learn more about community resources, get support creating a resume, finding a job and more!

This program is free of charge and folks can come anytime after 3pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. For more information, please contact Lyndsey Sicker at or 412-441-9786 ext. 220. 

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