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Strengthening the Region’s LGBTQ+ and HIV/AIDS-impacted Communities

Training Programs

Below are curriculums that PERSAD CENTER can bring to your work setting. In addition to these curriculums, PERSAD can provide a program tailored to your organizations specific needs. Our consultation/ training services are experienced at discussing your setting and your particular needs and crafting a presentation to suit.


An overview of gender and sexual orientation and identity and the relevant issues for the work setting

Transgender 101

An overview of the basics to understanding the continuum of gender identity and expression, offers examples to gain sensitivity for the transgender person’s experience.


An overview of gender and sexual orientation and identity development, information about the emotional and health risks for the population, strategies for how to support youth and families in the coming out process.

Creating Welcoming Environments for LGBTQ Consumers

Examines how settings can implement a set of strategies to increase their site’s access and response to the LGBTQ consumer, provides detailed recommendations based on best practices in the field

LGBTQ Health Disparities

Explains how health disparities are created in this population and reviews the top health concerns for LGBTQ people, suggests screening questions that facilitate disclosure and openness between LGBTQ patients and their healthcare providers.

PERSAD has vast experience in working with clinicians to help them to develop skills and competencies to work effectively with LGBTQ people. Beyond welcoming and non-discriminating, these programs develop clinician skills at assessing gender and sexual orientation related issues and working with them in care. PERSAD works with teams of clinicians to increase their competency. If your agency is interested in developing clinician competencies, contact us to discuss a program designed for you.

For more information about our training programs contact Melissa Perkins at 1-888-873-7723 ext. 214 or

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