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Strengthening the Region’s LGBTQ Communities and Their Allies

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Strengthening the Region’s LGBTQ+ and HIV/AIDS-impacted Communities

Training For Health & Human Services

Guided by our commitment to ending LGBTQ discrimination, PERSAD CENTER has created training programs to assist health and human service agencies in improving their sensitivity and competence in working with LGBTQ and HIV+ consumers and employees. 

Training Programs

Through our experience in working with our populations, we have developed a set of training programs that are frequently needed by organizations wishing to improve their response to these groups. These programs can be delivered as 1, 3 or 6 hour programs.

Shorter programs provide an overview and helpful information, while longer training programs are more detailed and provide skill building exercises for participants. Read more about the training program curriculums PERSAD can bring to your work setting.


For organizations that are interested in measuring their agency’s cultural competence and investing in improving their service response to these communities, PERSAD has developed a Culture Change Program. The program is a proven, effective service that assists organizations in becoming LGBTQ competent organizations.

In order for culture change to be successful, the program must be fully supported by an organization’s administration and entire staff, as real and lasting change requires the involvement of employees at every level. All of PERSAD's recommendations are in keeping with the recommendations made to Pennsylvania Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse (OMHSAS) by the Keystone Pride Recovery Initiative workgroup. 

Learn about the Culture Change Program curriculum PERSAD can bring to your work setting here

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