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Strengthening the Region’s LGBTQ+ and HIV/AIDS-impacted Communities

Legacy Giving Program

Whether you are a long-time supporter of PERSAD CENTER, or a new friend, our Legacy Giving Program represents a meaningful way to make a lasting impact on the people and communities we serve. 

What Is A Legacy Gift?

There are different kinds of legacy gifts or “planned giving” and each option offers you the opportunity to plan now for a future gift supporting the indispensable work of PERSAD. 

You may discover that you can make a meaningful contribution in ways you haven't previously considered.

Legacy giving options include:

  • Life insurance policies or retirement plans naming PERSAD as the beneficiary
  • Bequests made to PERSAD through your last will and testament
  • Directing your gift to support a specific program or service provided by PERSAD
  • Making your gift a tribute in honor of a friend or loved one

The Impact of Your Legacy Gift

At Persad we are dedicated to the well-being of the LGBTQ community and people affected by HIV. We are committed to serving individuals regardless of their ability to pay. 

Your thoughtful planning today, in collaboration with PERSAD, will benefit LGBTQ people for generations to come.

Your Legacy Gift will help to:

  • End LGBTQ discrimination throughout the community
  • Provide LGBTQ and HIV+ people with caring, specialized services that meet their needs
  • Eliminate hate, fear, isolation and the damaging effects of prejudice
  • Assure that Persad will serve future generations and continue to meet emerging needs unique to LGBT people

Getting Started is Easy

Contact PERSAD today and we'll help you make your legacy gift a reality. Call the Development Director at 888-873-7723 or

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