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Strengthening the Region’s LGBTQ Communities and Their Allies

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Strengthening the Region’s LGBTQ+ and HIV/AIDS-impacted Communities

Culture Change Program

Our Culture Change Program is a bundled set of components including the following.

Environmental Scan

An examination of facilities, policies and procedures that results in a summary of strengths and opportunities for improvement. Creating environmental structures that are LGBTQ welcoming and competent is the goal.  

Organization Wide Survey

A standardized survey completed anonymously by all employees assists in further clarifying how the organization meets best practice standards for LGBTQ consumers. The summary report assists administrators in setting goals to measure their organization’s change process.

LGBTQ Training for all Employees

This 3-hour training program is delivered to all employees organization-wide. Training all employees in understanding the culture and needs of the LGBTQ consumer is a basis for creating a welcoming service environment.

Community Resources

PERSAD provides the organization with resources about and connections to the LGBTQ community. This information helps the organization to reach out to the community as well as to provide consumers with supports they may need.

Advanced Training

Staff who are directly involved with LGBTQ consumers receive clinical training and skill building exercises designed to help them better assess needs and offer appropriate responses. Advanced trainings are tailored to meet each organization’s needs and are provided on a variety of special topics related to serving the LGBTQ community.

Case Consultation

Direct service employees are provided with case examples to assist in developing expertise in clinical issues related to gender and sexual orientation. PERSAD is available to review situations as they occur in the provider setting and to offer suggestions. 

Training of Trainers

Champions are identified within the organization to serve as co-trainers in the cultural competence program. They continue to provide basic training to new employees, ensuring sustained change over time.

For more information about our training programs contact Melissa Perkins at 1-888-873-7723 ext. 214 or

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